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Learn and Master NEXTGEN Workplace skills by developing Analytical, Creative, Innovation and Emotional Intelligence skills

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    1. Shrinivas Moharir

    Business Growth Expert,


    2. Vaidehi Rajsekhar

    Consulting Psychologist, Founder @Esprite Foundation

    "According to World Economic Forum Report, the Top skills required at the workplace are Analytical Thinking, Creative Thinking, Resilience/Flexibility/Agility, Motivation/Self Awareness, Curiosity/Life Long Learning "

    What is TopXpert?

    "TopXpert" is a joint training initiative of MohaLabs Consulting (Business Growth & Innovation Consulting Firm) with Esprite Foundation (Emotional Intelligence Expertise Firm)

    How will TopXpert help?

    We will expose you to the Concepts, Techniques, Tools & Frameworks to unravel the myths around the Top NextGen Workplace Skills and apply them to various scenarios, so that you can implement these Skills in your Workplace.

    1. Analytical skills

    2. Creativity & Innovation 3. Self Management & Motivation

    4. Empathy & Social Skills

    5. Resilience & Flexibility.

    Action Oriented WORKSHOP by TOPXPERT

    Get ready to Master the Top5 Workplace Skills!

    Join the Next-Gen Skills workshop to: -

    1. Learn Analytical skills to solve problems precisely

    2. Learn Creativity skills to unleash your Creative potential

    3. Master the Innovation Skills to generate new Ideas and implement them to add Value

    4. Apply Emotional Intelligence to be Self aware, embrace Empathy and master Social skills to tackle challenges successfully and face uncertainty with Confidence.

    Experience how to FOCUS, ADAPT, INNOVATE & TRANSFORM using IQ, EQ, SQ and AQ skills.

    Navigate successfully through the VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity) world!!

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